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How to Stay Warm all Winter Using Only One Log

file2231294087424If you want to stay warm this winter, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can try this trick from the wisdom of the past. It has been passed down for generations. All it requires is one log that will last the whole winter. You don’t even have to have a wood stove or fireplace!

Here is what you do.

Select a nice fat log. It doesn’t have to be very dry. In fact, the thicker and the heavier the log is, the better it will keep you warm.

Take your log and bring it up to the highest point in your home with a window. It is important to select the very highest spot you can get to reasonably. Set the log down and open the window. Next, pick up the log and place it outside of the window. Let it go so it falls all the way to the ground, making sure first that you don’t hit people or damage your property.

Next, close the window.

Go all the way down to the bottom of your home and out the front door. Pick up the log.

Take the log back up to the highest point and repeat until you are nice and warm.


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