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Random iPhone Photos or Death Plot by Cats?

Somewhere near the corner of 1,600 hundred photos and needing to upgrade my iPhone I realized I had a problem–lack of iPhone space. This required the shifting through of said photos, with the intention of deleting all of those blurry scenes of kids who never sit still and the what-was-I-thinking selfies. Too bad I wasn’t prepared for what I found, a bunch of seemingly random photos that I don’t remember taking.

There can be only one explanation. Frustrated with my ineptitude to understand the basics and my sad lack of telepathy skills, the cats have resorted to trying to communicate through my iPhone. After all, I do stare at the phone more than I stare at them, which has got to be frustrating for superior beings such as themselves.

So, I share these with you for you to make your own conclusions, but I think I have figured out what they have been trying to tell me.


That white cats have secret snow stealth powers.


cat in kitchen

That their butts are not big. More food is required.


cat selfie

That the food thing was not a request.



That I should be using those nails to scratch delicately behind the ears. Anywhere else is not advisable.


living room and cat

That sometimes life is art. Sometimes life is also food.



That if they had opposable thumbs, they would drive themselves to restaurants. Seafood ones.


photo copy 6

That it takes a lot of work to get the sofa pillows just right. I should stop fluffing them.


bird in window

That these might be good to eat.


cat on stairs

That they know where I sleep…



…Oh yes they do.


black cat portrait

That they are much better at taking selfies than I am.

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My Morning in Pictures

The wind gusts are swaying the trees today and making a lot of noise.


For breakfast, I made Strawberry Banana Cream Oatmeal in the crockpot. You can get the recipe here.



There is homemade chicken stock simmering on the stove, right now.


I’m still de-cluttering and organizing. This was the junk drawer.



This guy got caught last night licking out the roasting pan .


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It’s a Good Day

It's a Good Day

…to stop and watch the birds

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January 24, 2013 · 10:05 am

Funny Cat Meme

My son and I like to trade funny cat memes back and forth. We usually find the funny cat memes online, but this time I actually created a funny cat meme from a photo he had taken a couple of days ago. It features our two rescue cats, Toulouse and Berlioz (they came to our home with their names). Despite the fact that they often like to bat at the screen or lay across the keyboard when I am writing, I’ll have to keep them off the Internet in case our funny cat meme goes viral. Then they might expect to be fed real food, seasoned lightly instead of the stuff that comes in the cans.

What do you think of our first attempt to make a meme?

funny cat meme


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