Money Saving March Day 2

money saving marchWelcome to Day 2 of Money Saving March! Each day during the month of March we will take on a new challenge that is easy to do and will save or earn us some extra money. 

For our second challenge, we need to go around the house and find all of those unused gift cards! You know the ones we get for birthdays, holidays and rebates? The typical family has at least couple of hundred dollars worth of unused gift cards lying around.

Some of the typical places where unused gift cards hide include wallets and purses, junk drawers, stacks of mail, dresser drawers, etc.

Once we have gathered up our gift cards, we are going to put them in a safe, accessible place, so the next time we go shopping, we can use these cards instead of paying by cash or credit card. In my home, I use a simple but pretty cardboard box that is labeled “Free Money.” It is very visible, so I know to check the box before I leave the house on a shopping trip. You might want to keep your gift cards in a separate wallet, a business card holder, in the car, or whatever works for you.

To keep the motivation going, add up the dollar value of all of the cards you find and then post your total!

Ready? Set? Go!

* Update: I just found out that in some states, if your gift card has a balance of less than $10, the store that issued the card must pay out the balance in cash if requested.

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