Power Outage and the Important Things in Life

file00051154666This morning, we woke up to no power. This is a frequent occurrence in the woods, where high wind and heavy rain can take out a power line in a snap. We are used to it. It can last for a few hours to a few days.

My husband hooked up the generator before he left for work, so I could have my off-line laptop (for end-of-the-month writing deadlines) and coffee (also for end-of-the-month writing deadlines). Well, he also hooked up the heat and the refrigerator.

Because we have well-water, no electricity also means no water, which is why our basement crawl space is stacked with cases of bottled water and bottles of hand sanitizer. There are also a few gallons of stored water for flushing–you know, the important things. We learned the first year in this house that it is easier to store milk jugs full of non-potable water than to take a bucket down to the creek in the middle of a rain storm, snow storm, hurricane, invasion of stupid drunk people hitting trees in the middle of the night.  I refuse to let the yellow mellow.

The power (and the Internet) did come back on eventually, and I got my first over-the-phone lesson in undocking the generator. That husband of mine is trying to turn me into a country woman, which is funny, since he comes from New Jersey. I opted to leave alone, the open wires connecting the furnace to the house power. I figure crispy mama would not be a good view for the kids to come home to after school.


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