The Amish Give Me Corn Muffins

AmishThe sugar is running low. The organic flour is gone. So are the raisins. So what does this have to do with the Amish and muffins? Let me explain.

We travel a bit more than an hour from our home in Pennsylvania to Lancaster, Pa. It has a big Amish community and several other interesting things, such as major outlets. Tucked down a long winding road, past a farm is a little natural food store run by an Amish family. (If you know the secret password, you can also purchase raw milk next door from a little Amish girl.)

We visit the store three times a year to stock up on organic bulk ingredients, including the flour, sugar and raisins. We also stock up on corn meal, however, I haven’t been using it as often. Since I like my ingredients to be fresh, I’ll need to use up most of what corn meal remains.

So, this morning, in the chaos of getting second-born child out the door for school, I decided to make two batches of corn bread for the freezer. Yes, I’m an idiot. I almost got cough syrup in the batter, and left my daughter’s excuse note in my recipe book, but I need the kid-free afternoons for freelance work, so baking in the morning usually works for me.

Since the oven was hot anyway, I also made a pan of brownies which will not be going into the freezer. 


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